What is the duration of the academy programme?

The academy programme is planned to start in October 2022 and end in September 2023.

What does MultiChoice Africa expect, from a work perspective, of students selected to participate in the MultiChoice Africa Talent Factory academy?

MultiChoice Africa expects students selected to participate in the MTF academies to be:

Will MultiChoice Africa be paying the students a monthly salary?

MultiChoice Africa will be providing academy students with a fair and reasonable monthly stipend, calculated at industry standards and in line with MultiChoice Africa’s HR policies, to meet their living expenses. For students who need to relocate, a housing allowance and travelling costs will be provided. Further stipend amounts are set and are non-negotiable.

If I have to travel between cities as a student during my time with the Academy, would I need to fund this transport?

If the reason for your travel is personal, then you would have to carry the cost for any such trip. However, if there is a professional need for a student to travel on academy related business and this travel has been approved by the Academy Director, then MultiChoice Africa will carry the costs (within reason) for these academy related excursions.

As a student, will I be eligible for leave during the course of the academy year?

There will be a short production break over the Christmas period and then a mid-year production break. Travel will be funded for qualifying students to return home. The length of the break is at sole discretion of the academies.

As a student, will I also be able to work in a part time job, outside of my participation in the academy (example: to supplement my stipend with additional income)?

The Academy has been especially designed to offer students a comprehensive learning experience to fast track their career paths into the African film and television industry. There will be no time for students to take on additional activities outside of the rigorous academy curriculum.

After the year is over at the academy, will students be automatically granted a full time/part time position at MultiChoice Africa or in another television/film company?

No. The academy will provide students with the opportunity to learn extensively and interact with production companies and influential industry heavyweights. However, once the academy year has been completed, students must find their own employment or freelance opportunities. Students are therefore encouraged to use their time with the academy to showcase their skills, build a network of contacts and impress those with the capacity to offer them opportunities in the future.

What will happen if a student disagrees with the Academy Director or any other individual associated with the academy? I am an outspoken individual and do not want to be limited in my expression of my thoughts and opinions.

Debate is necessary and encouraged as part of the learning experience. Further, all students are encouraged to voice their thoughts and opinions to foster discussion and grow understanding. MultiChoice Africa understands and appreciates that many passionate individuals are highly outspoken and this is among their best qualities. However, all differences of opinion must be expressed in a respectful, professional manner with the ultimate aim of learning and growing. In the rare instance that a disagreement cannot be resolved amicably and respectfully between the Academy Director and a student, then the Academy Director will hold the final decision as to the students’ suitability to continue with the academic year.

I am not sure that the academy is the right path for me to take post-graduation?

If you have any doubt about the usefulness of the academy to further your post-graduation ambitions, you are strongly encouraged to remove yourself from consideration for academy participation. The academy, whilst structured to offer maximum support to students, will be a rigorous and demanding experience and one that will be best met if a student is VERY clear about their desire to and objectives in participating.

What are my working hours as a student with the academy?

Given that the film and television industry operates outside of a ‘9 to 5’ schedule, students should note that they will not work on a ‘9 to 5’ schedule either. It is highly likely that you will be called upon to work over weekends, public holidays and after traditional business hours. If at any time you feel overwhelmed by the rate of activity, you can consult with the Academy Director regarding this so a solution can be sought if necessary and relevant (e.g. illness, etc.). However, the academy year will be busy so it is best that a student prepares accordingly and utilise their ‘down time’ to rest and recharge.

How will I be evaluated as a student during my time with the academy?

As you will be participating in an accredited programme, your progress will be constantly monitored and assessed to ensure that you are gaining as much knowledge and skills as possible. Therefore, it is important that you please prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for a range of assessments, which could include tests, examinations, portfolio work etc. depending on the training requirements. Furthermore, it is important to understand that these assessments are not completed with the aim of putting you under undue pressure. They will manage to assess whether you meet with the minimum course requirements. You must see them in the spirit in which they are provided – real (sometimes tough) feedback to help you access your best skills.

What will happen if I wish to leave?

MultiChoice Africa will respect your decision to terminate your contract, however, you will be required to serve the necessary notice as stipulated in the agreement. Before you commit to the academy, it is very important that you are completely clear that you would like to spend your year learning and growing from this opportunity.

Will I need to sign a contract if I participate in the academy?

Yes, you will need to sign a contract prior to your participation in the academy. This is standard for any contracted professional relationship. However as with all contracts, the onus is on you to read through the contract in detail and understand it prior to signing it.

Will MultiChoice Africa conduct background checks on me?

Yes, MultiChoice Africa will conduct reference and background checks on students as relevant. However, in the interest of transparency and professionalism, MultiChoice Africa would encourage all students to disclose any information that they believe to be important for MultiChoice Africa to know (e.g. criminal record, paternity dispute, pending travel plans, etc.) so that MultiChoice Africa can work with the students to ensure that this does not impact on their time with the academy. It is best for MultiChoice Africa to be aware upfront of any such information so as to adequately prepare.